Hannah's Happy Finsheep Farm

About Us

We are a small grade A dairy farm located in Williamsburg, Ohio. I picked the Finn sheep for their multiple lambs and no dehorning or tail docking.
In 2020 we are planning to milk the sheep.


We are OPP free farm. We do test all our sheep bi yearly and never had a positive for OPP. To learn more about OPP see Merck Veterinary Manual and OPP Society.


We are a member of the Finnsheep Breeder Association. All our sheep offspring's can be register with them.


Our sheep are housed in a Hoop barn together with the goats and rabbits.  Although in the same barn, the sheep has their own pen and own pasture.  This is because sheep cannot have copper in their minerals while goats need copper.
The first 5 feet of the fabric can be rolled up. This gives plenty of ventilation in the summer.

Inside Our Barn

For more information, email us info@hannahshappyfinnsheep.com.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020